Blockchain Transformation in Identity Management & Critical Infrastructure

Unicorn Café | Berlin

10. December 2019 18:00 to 21:00 Hr

Unicorn Café | Brunnenstraße 173 | 10115 Berlin

Shoshana Schnippenkoetter

Project Manager

Information | and communication technology

T +49 30 46302-106

Most of the current identity management systems are weak and outdated. Since 2017 alone, more than 600 million personal details – such as addresses or credit card numbers – have been hacked, leaked or breached from organisations.

During this event we will focus on different blockchain solutions for providers of IAM and security services.

  • How can providers of IAM use decentralized ledgers for their services?
  • How could blockchain make identity verification more efficient, save and tamper-proof?
  • How will blockchain technology transform the online & offline security sector?

Keynote speaker

Case studies

Most of the presentations and panel discussion will be in English. Some Keynotes will in German due to the specifics of the compliance and law of the solutions/projects.