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Important players


The association GeoInformationswirtschaft Berlin/Brandenburg GEOkomm unites numerous small and medium-sized enterprises as well as internationally operating large companies of the sector. The association’s profile is complemented by research institutes in the field of geosciences and geoinformatics as well as by representatives of state authorities, trade associations and other important players. Together they strive towards a sustainable and thriving geoinformation industry. In addition to the representation of its members’ interests, the association’s goals include, in broad terms, the creation of a deeper understanding of the technological, economic and social importance of geoinformation and the active fostering of a dialogue between representatives of the fields of economy, administration, politics and science about the further development of the geodata market.

Helmholtz Centre Potsdam German Research Centre for Geosciences | GFZ

The GFZ is the national research centre for geosciences and as such it studies the “system earth” world-wide with all of its geological, physical, chemical and biological processes that take place on and below the earth’s surface. The goal of the multidisciplinary geo-scientific research is to develop an understanding of all of the processes encompassing all measurement units: ranging from atomic magnitudes to galactic distances or from nanoseconds to billions of years. The GFZ studies our planet and the multitude of interactions between its subsystems, that is, the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. By including the processes on the earth’s surface, the research field broadens and encompasses the system “Earth-Human” and therefore our habitat.

Hasso Plattner Institut für Softwaresystemtechnik GmbH

Das Hasso-Plattner-Institut (HPI) ist einmalig in der deutschen Universitätslandschaft: Nirgendwo sonst in Deutschland kann man „IT-Systems Engineering“ studieren – eine praxisnahe Alternative zum herkömmlichen Informatikstudiengang. Seine „School of Design Thinking“ offeriert Studierenden aller Fachgebiete eine innovative Zusatzausbildung im kreativen Entwickeln besonders nutzerfreundlicher Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Über seine Internet-Bildungsplattform openhpi.de bietet es Interessenten aus aller Welt kostenlose, offene Online-Kurse zur Informationstechnologie an. Forschungsthemen sind Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts, Internet-Technologien und -Systeme, Human Computer Interaction, Computergrafische Systeme, Betriebssysteme und Middleware, Business Process Technology, Software-Architekturen, Informationssysteme, Systemanalyse und Modellierung und School of Design Thinking.

media.net berlinbrandenburg e.V.

For more than 15 years, media:net berlinbrandenburg has ranked among the largest and most successful regional networks in the fields of media and digital economy in Germany. media:net plays a central role in establishing a cross-sector and cross-state network with about 450 member businesses. The network takes care of all the important players of the fields of media and creative industries, IT and communication as well as Industry 4.0, ranging from the well-established globally operating business to the young and innovative start-up. media:net is where economy and politics come together and join forces for businesses, common interests and the location Berlin-Brandenburg. Together with institutions, associations and opinion-makers from the fields of economy, research and politics, media:net actively contributes to shaping the economic framework conditions of the region and conducts studies and surveys on current topics and needs relevant to its members. Numerous events and communication measures give the businesses a permanent voice and the opportunity to firmly root themselves in the location with their services and products and even transcend the network.

media.connect brandenburg

The network media.connect brandenburg aims at sustainably connecting and supporting mainly Brandenburg’s small and medium-sized enterprises of the media sector under the umbrella of the association media.net berlinbrandenburg e.V. Its members will be provided with important connections and opportunities for cross-sector and cross-state interaction through their own individual events or via cooperative events. Media.connect brandenburg cooperates with established institutions and networks in order to effectively use and combine synergies. The initiative media:net berlinbrandenburg will, among other things, work closely together with political representatives and education institutes in Brandenburg.

MediaTech Hub Potsdam

The MediaTech Hub Potsdam is a physical place and, at the same time, a network. At its location it pools innovations from the fields of digital media and digital engineering. It uses the location’s already established expertise in the fields of moving images and IT to create and implement new digital processes for data processing and media productions (e.g. virtual and augmented reality). MediaTech Hub Potsdam successfully combines innovations from the fields of digital media and digital engineering. Its cross-sector accessibility leads to a unique interplay, which turns Potsdam into an innovative space of the digital transformation. The MediaTech Hub in Potsdam is Germany’s only hub with a main focus on media technology. Mainly three technological fields will be fostered in the future, namely digital engineering, future media technologies, and virtual/mixed augmented reality/volumetry.

VRBB | Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

The association “Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.” combines all available expertise in the fields of virtual and augmented reality. Along Studio Babelsberg, UFA LAB, Exozet, SMI, Metropolis VR, Film University Babelsberg and HPI (D-School), there are 15 additional renowned film and television production companies, technological companies and research institutes from Berlin and Brandenburg within the association. Its goal is to harness the existing strengths of the capital city’s network of businesses and industrial partners and to develop innovative products and business models in the field of VR/AR in order to be competitive mainly with regard to China and the USA.

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg is the focal point of the film and media industry in the German capital region. The division “Film Funding” provides funding for films, high-end drama series and film-related projects, it advises filmmakers with regard to financing issues, and supports the advancement of the film industry. The division “Location Development” fosters the image of Berlin-Brandenburg as a media location both in Germany and at the international level; it also provides up-to-date information and access to networks. Additionally, it supports media-related projects, the development of content in the categories games, web, mobile and VR as well as serial formats (web series, factual and entertainment).

Media Innovation Centre Babelsberg | MIZ

Under the leading theme RETHINKING BROADCASTING, the Media Innovation Centre Babelsberg (“Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg”, abbreviated MIZ) supports innovative projects and mediates media expertise. The funding programmes and education opportunities are geared towards students, start-ups, media experts and journalists. The focus lies on an interdisciplinary interaction with experts in order to provide practical support for projects and creative media professionals. Among the partners of the MIZ are higher education institutions, research institutes and renowned technology and media businesses. The MIZ is an institution of Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb).


The Digital Business Association Berlin-Brandenburg is the interest group for companies in the field IT and Internet economy in Berlin and Brandenburg. It connects important players of the sector and represents their interests in politics and society, but it also promotes an active interaction with user companies of all the other sectors in the region. The association’s numerous events foster interactions, cooperation and knowledge growth. It regularly provides forums, networks, get-togethers and compact seminars. The SIBB’s “Digitalisierungsfinder” or “digitisation search tool” enables companies to quickly and easily find a suitable, competent provider.

Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

An interdisciplinary approach to artistic, technological and scientific teaching and research with regard to the universal topic “Film” is what characterises the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. It was founded in 1954 as the “German Higher Education Institution for the Art of Film” (“Deutsche Hochschule für Filmkunst”) and it was known as the Higher Education Institution for Film and Television “Konrad Wolf” (“Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen „Konrad Wolf”, abbreviated HFF), and today it ranks among the most advanced and largest film schools in Germany. In July 2014 it was the first German higher education institution for film to be granted university status. Through its unique hands-on and team-oriented education, its successful productions and innovative research projects, the Film University makes a contribution to the future of the moving image media. Furthermore, it is the only art college of the state of Brandenburg, and as such, and along with its further education opportunities and events, it is a place for cultural, social and political debate. The Film University is a vital part of the Media City Babelsberg with a natural connection to Berlin.

Kreatives Brandenburg

Kreatives Brandenburg (or “Creative Brandenburg”) is the central Internet portal for all the representatives of the creative industries in Brandenburg. The portal is a point of contact and a presentation platform at the same time; everyone creative receives first guidance: it provides information on funding opportunities, scholarships, on how to found a company, and additionally it offers further education opportunities and covers numerous other topics related to the field of creative industries in the state of Brandenburg. Transcending state borders Creative Brandenburg cooperates with Creative City Berlin. Furthermore, the portal also cooperates and is in contact with other sector networks of the cultural and creative scene as well as with external job portals.

Creative City Berlin | CCB

Creative City Berlin is the central platform for artists, culture professionals and the creative industries in Berlin. The portal provides information about current funding opportunities, workshops, events and jobs, and it reports on cultural events in the city.

Silicon Sanssouci

Silicon Sanssouci unites Potsdam’s businesses from the field of information and communications technology. It aims to highlight the capital city of the state of Brandenburg as an excellent IT location. The large number of companies located in Potsdam and the city’s excellent infrastructure turn it into an important international location for products and services of the high-tech industry. The city and its industry undoubtedly benefit from their close proximity to the German capital city. Nonetheless, Potsdam is much more than “just” a part of the cosmopolitan city of Berlin: as the centre of a fast-growing region, Potsdam and its businesses have a lot more to offer.