VR-Stand auf dem d.confestival
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Berlin-Brandenburg has become one of the leading media locations worldwide. In addition, the field of media ranks among the most dynamic industrial sectors of the capital region. The fields of film, television and radio, games, web and social media all form part of what the Cluster commonly refers to as “media”. These fields simultaneously intersect and overlap with different businesses from the ICT sector.

The region’s excellent infrastructure provides outstanding conditions for productions and for cooperation in the fields of film and television. Over 300 internationally successful films are produced every year. Media professionals from all over the world benefit from the expertise of large traditional businesses such as the UFA and make use of, for example, the funding opportunities offered by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Furthermore, the region is one of the leading television locations worldwide; over 2,000 television companies generate an annual turnover of about €1 billion.

Filmstandort Berlin-Brandenburg - Trailer 2017

The German capital region is an important digital centre: more than 5,700 digital companies are located in the region and their joint turnover ranks at about €3.3 billion. Sector heavyweights such as Google or Microsoft settled in the region, and so did SAP and Ebay.

The region offers a wide variety of services and products, including consulting services, networks and funding, which creates ideal conditions and fulfils all of the requirements start-ups as well as media businesses need in order to settle in the region. It is therefore no wonder that the German capital region has counted the highest number of start-ups in Germany since 2004. The network media:net berlinbrandenburg e.V. is a vital representative of the sector and/or its companies. It uses numerous formats, initiatives and projects to create a successful sector-network.